Josh Dixon, Managing Director of Your Code gives his top interview tips

You’ve applied for the job, passed the introductory questions and you’ve managed to bag yourself an interview at the company of your dreams but now, how do you prepare? We’ve teamed up with Joshua Dixon, Managing Director at Your Code to give you or your learners, some of his top tips to prepare for that all important interview.

So you’ve been through the headache of CV writing, no knowing where to start, not knowing how much to sell, but knowing it’s crucial you get it right. A week later, the hiring manager calls you – they want to interview you!

Do not wing it. Ever. The more time spent preparing, the more confident you will come across.


Researching and Revising:

Most people assume that research and revising for an interview means searching the company on the internet. Well it does, but not just that.

The truth is, that one of the most important aspects of an interview is to research and revise your own skills and experience. Being able to share additional information relating to the job role or duties will be highly beneficial, especially against your competition. Remembering work or studies that you completed 3 years ago is highly important – you’re always learning, even now, and back then you will have used skills you might not have used significantly before.

As an employer myself I can tell within the first 10 minutes whether a candidate has prepared for the interview. The effort that you put in to gather knowledge on these subjects will demonstrate a legitimate interest.


What research to think about for an interview?

  • Social Media (Company)
  • Local news (Google Search, click “News”)
  • Company website (Values, About us, Blog)
  • Your CV! (Remember, it’s important you can answer any question that comes your way from your CV as it’s the only visual an employer will see before an interview)
  • Supporting evidence
  • Questions – always ask one questions at the end of an interview!


The day of the interview:

On the day of the interview ensure you’ve got a checklist of things to complete to ensure you are ready. If you have time, go for a walk or to the gym beforehand as this will activate your endorphins and ensure that you’re confident and precise in the interview.


Other areas to think about:

  • Can you take a supporting reference to hand to your interviewers?
  • Have you planned your journey to ensure you arrive early and can calm your nerves beforehand?


During the interview:

  • Make sure you smile
  • Ask the interviewer a short icebreaker question when you arrive (“How’s your day going”)
  • Think about your posture
  • Be mindful of the words you use, it’s a professional setting.

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