24th February 2020

“Throughout the launch, the team at Skills Forward were easy to work with (whilst always being professional), keen to support ILE to achieve its goals and extremely helpful in ensuring user creation and organisational structure was built correctly into our version of Skills Builder. Whatever Skills Forward agreed to deliver was delivered within the timescales required.

Their support in owning the creation of over 300 internal user accounts was particularly helpful and saved ILE a lot of admin hours. Regardless of whether training was via webinar or classroom session, our employees received engaging and clear instruction on what they need to be able to do within the systems to support their learners and take away resources to support them to use Skills Builder.

The feedback we received from both the webinars and classroom sessions from our employees was very positive, with staff generally they were particularly pleased with:

• The look and feel of Skills Builder
• The accessibility and the adaptability of the look of Skills Builder assessments to support learners

• The Individual Skills Plan (ISP) and the content provided to support learners.

Skills Forward’s flexibility with training made the experience far less ‘stressful’ than would be expected when introducing a new system. The overall experience of working with Skills Forward to launch Skills Builder into ILE has been a positive one, and made the introduction of this new system into ILE very straightforward.

Skills Forward’s team are knowledgeable in their products and services, amiable, flexible and very easy to work with and their Skills Builder system is a fantastic tool for Initial and Diagnostic Assessments and supporting learners to develop their English and maths capability.”

Matthew Smith – Learning Systems Manager

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