Functional Skills

Functional Skills teach post-16 and adult learners how to apply practical English and maths skills to real-life and vocational contexts. They are a mandatory element in apprenticeships as well as being stand-alone qualifications in their own right at Entry Level 1-3, Level 1 and Level 2.

We provided 2.7 million assessments last year, so you’re in very safe hands. The key benefits of our initial assessments are as follows:

Assess learners’ overall working-towards level and their spiky profile

Question banks to avoid repetition

built-in dyslexia and dyscalculia screener

Skills Reform
In September 2019 Functional Skills are being reformed to improve their rigour and relevance. In English, there will be a focus on spelling, punctuation and grammar without dictionaries or computer aids. At Entry Levels, the teaching of phonics informs the expectations in reading and spelling. In maths, there will be more emphasis on the underpinning knowledge required to solve problems using times tables and working with and without a calculator – 25% of the Functional Skills test will be made up from non-calculator questions. Due to this added rigour, the guided learning hours will increase from 45 to 55 hours.

Skills Forward are well into our reform preparations (LINK) with our revolutionary One Assessment (LINK), and new, accredited and industry-approved diagnostics and resources.

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