Bespoke learning solution

A bespoke e-portfolio built to your learners’ specific qualification, apprenticeship or training plan.

Bank of resources

Learners will have access to a bank of preloaded work-based learning qualifications and apprenticeship standards.

Built in features

Skills Portfolio provides built in Individual Learning Plan (ILP) functionality or the option to use your own specified ILP.


Customisable digital forms that can be built and added to your requirements.

Designed for anyone undertaking training

Hundreds of resources readily available to you at a tap of a button.


Add your own resources, course handbooks, learner guides and other company information at the touch of a button.

Monitor & report

Monitor learner progress, participation in learning and generate real-time reports from a variety of custom-built data dashboards


Review success criteria and export reports modelled on ESFA methodology.

Special access

Unlimited tutor, assessor, IQA, EQA and centre manager access.

Why choose
Skills Portfolio?

Skills Portfolio is a digital portfolio system that manages the complete end-to-end learner journey and allows providers to assess learners remotely, monitor their progress, create immediate dashboard reports, and manage your quality assurance. It is fully compliant with Ofsted and ESFA audit requirements, giving you the evidence needed during inspection.

Quality samples

Variety of quality sampling plans for IQA / EQA.

'20% off the Job'

20% ‘off the job’ training calculator and activity log

Showcase and evidence

Evidence showcasing of learner work for employers and End Point Assessment (EPA).

Complete integration

Integration into your MIS/CRM and IT systems.

360 feedback

360° feedback function to review and feedback on pieces of learner work / evidence.

New City College

"The Skills Forward team have been great at promoting the system and supporting us with the cross campuses rollout , plus they were showcased at our Learning Technologies fair last summer. They have listened to our requests and suggestions and helped us reduce the amount of manual administration needed which frees my team to support users more proactively."

Ashley Garner
Group Head Systems and Innovation
SD Consultuncy

"The prices are very competitive which has made using their e-portfolio system financially viable. The use of e-portfolios is definitely more productive and efficient for both the candidate and training provider. We would really struggle to revert back to paper portfolios after having used the e platform which we highly recommend."

Sarah Dalrymple
Chartered Educational Assessor

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