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Xeed Global
Xeed GlobalKim Diomidous - CEO
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27th November 2019

“Skills Work has been incredibly popular. Universities love the fact that they can measure the success of the employability programme that we teach by actual associated hard and soft skills indictors.

Students alike are not always aware of what it takes for them to be fully employable and it gives them markers of their strengths and weaknesses and areas they need to improve, using the eLearning and the employability programme to truly get ready for the world of work.

We at Xeed Global have been able to stand out as an employability training provider in the UAE & Middle East against international competitors due to having a tool that measures our clients, their students and our overall successes.”
citbGuy Little
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7th March 2019

"Skills Forward customer support have been always available to train our staff in both the hierarchy of the platform and the optimal use of the assessment, diagnostics and skills plan resources. This was accomplished by a series of webinar sessions as well as face-to-face coaching sessions at locations UK-wide.

They were particularly helpful in mapping Scottish Qualification Levels to the initial assessment and diagnostic results, necessary for use of the platform with our apprentices in Scotland. CITB looks forward to working with Skills Forward in the coming years."
Remit Group
Remit GroupRob Lowe
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1st March 2019

“Remit Group have been with Skills Forward for over 5 years and we use both SkillsBuilder and SkillsPortfolio and have found both products work really well. The support from staff within Skills Forward is fantastic and the team are always happy to help and will work to ensure they meet the needs of the customer.

All colleagues within Skills Forward are supportive with any technical queries and advice to ensure Remit are able to use the site to its full potential. We have launched various bespoke tools within the site which Skills Forward have developed, maintained, and enhanced along the way. Remit Group have a great working relationship with Skills Forward”
New City College
New City CollegeAshley Garner - Group Head Systems and Innovation
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1st March 2019

"We first starting using Skills Forward at our Redbridge campus, screening applicants and diagnosing all our maths and English candidates during induction. This gave us excellent data on starting points and showed group needs to teachers. We purchased Notebooks for maths and English classrooms so that the resources could be used in and out of class to supplement the progress of students and we found many students taking control of their own learning progress.

Further Education has always struggled with delivering maths and English for students who have not done well in their years at school so it is particularly challenging to produce successful outcomes in less than a year. Using Skills Forward helps us to ensure every learner has a bespoke set of resources based upon their specific needs, it enables us to see progress and measure “Distance Travelled” as well as gauge exam readiness. Skills Forward is also great for homework and revision and the datalink with our MIS system means that teachers get to see their own students’ activities and progress. This greatly helps in lesson planning as it is easier to target gaps in knowledge and to set specific targets for individuals where necessary.

The boost in success rates at Redbridge encouraged the teams from the other campuses to get involved and we have now rolled Skills Forward out to all Tower Hamlets and Hackney, along with Notebook trolleys for students.

Since we are all now using eTrackr ILP the embedded Skills Forward view is great for all staff to see maths and English diagnostic results for every student.

The Skills Forward team have been great at promoting the system and supporting us with the cross campuses rollout , plus they were showcased at our Learning Technologies fair last summer. They have listened to our requests and suggestions and helped us reduce the amount of manual administration needed which frees my team to support users more proactively."
Voyage Care
Voyage CareAllison Pemberton - Learning & Development Manager
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1st March 2019

"Voyage Care have worked with Skills Forward for a number of years now and one of the main factors that contributes to this ongoing relationship is the outstanding customer care given by Skills Forward.

The team are always on hand to support with queries and regularly ask for feedback to ensure the system and resources available help to keep us a step ahead.

The tools available to our staff and learners are exciting and engaging and really do reflect the listening nature of Skills Forward as a business, they want to get it right for us. When it comes to renewing contracts and licenses, even though there are other products out there, we remain with Skills Forward as a trusted partner who have evolved and involved."
Babington Jo Uncles - Functional skills Trainer
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28th January 2020

"My experience with the Skills Forward customer service team has been second to none. The training by Richard himself was thorough but broken down in to manageable sections for ease of understanding – very helpful.

Any questions or issues I have had since the training have gone through the support email address or telephone number – any team member that has picked this up has been polite, professional and efficient EVERY time. My issue/question has been resolved on the same day – if not then the morning after – I know that there is always someone there to help and that’s exactly what they do."
Maximus Training
Maximus TrainingEmma Shipstone - Director of Skills Apprenticeships
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19th November 2019

"We have been using Skills Forward Initial and diagnostic assessment tools for just over a year now across our Adult Education and Apprenticeship programmes.

The first thing that I want to compliment is the service. The team is so helpful and solution focused – nothing is too much trouble. As an organisation, our growth has been substantial and the team at Skills Forward has worked with us, whilst gaining our corporate approvals (for new contracts) to ensure that our learner assessments can continue timely and efficiently."
Redbridge Institute
Redbridge InstituteMaria Sotiriou - Assistant Principal
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19th June 2019

"Redbridge Institute have been using Skills Builder for a year now and our IAG team have found using it very easy. Learners are able to set themselves up with a log in easily and enjoy navigating the product. The Skills Forward team have been responsive to our requests and personalised the welcome screen so that our learners could use it.

Our maths manager has been in impressed with the Skills Forward team’s responsiveness in ensuring that the content is suitable for changes to functional skills.

Our next challenge is to encourage and train our vocational team to use the resources with their learners. But I am confident that the Skills Forward team will be on hand to assist. The training offer is good. We can call anytime and will get someone who can talk us through a query or we can prearrange a webinar."
Eden Training Solutions
Eden Training SolutionsLaura Robinson - Learning Support Officer
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21st March 2019

“Having recently switched to Skills Forward to support learners with their functional skills, Eden Training Solutions have seen nothing but a positive impact. When learners are first signed up, they complete initial assessments to determine the level they are currently working at. They then complete diagnostics, to further highlight areas that they may need additional support in. All staff that use this tool have found it beneficial in supporting their learners in a more specific and detailed way. The Individual Skills Plan (ISP) is tailored to each learner, enabling them to develop their skills according to their individual needs.

The resources are relevant, reliable and interesting, with the majority of our learners finding the videos engaging. The platform is easy to navigate and is clear to see where resources can be accessed. I have personally worked closely with the For Skills team to further my understanding of the tool, which has been useful to my role in supporting our Skills Tutors with their learners. The staff are very friendly, approachable, helpful and are quick to respond to any issues or questions”
Brockenhurst College
Brockenhurst CollegeVivian Orman
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25th March 2019

"We have been using Skills Forward at Brockenhurst College for 7 years. It has proved to be an accurate and effective tool which has removed the majority of technical problems involved in carrying out large-scale screening of students’ academic levels at the start of the year.

In fact it has been so reliable that we tend to take it for granted. When we have had occasional problems I have always found Skills Forward support staff to be extremely helpful and responsive.

The fact that the Skills Forward organisation is ahead of the game in terms of updating resources to accommodate curriculum changes also removes this particular headache from teaching staff."
SDConsultancySarah Dalrymple - Chartered Educational Assessor
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13th March 2019

"Skills Forward was the e-portfolio platform that our company decided to use after having looked at a number of other options within our price range We had not previously had a training provider who used SVQ’s so they had to upload and adapt all the qualifications and units which we were using. There were a number of issues which they methodically worked through and supported us by meeting the deadlines we had to upload all the information.

Calling Skills Forward has always been a good experience. There’s is always someone to hand to give us advice and guidance which is really important when you are a training provider who relies on efficient service to support our clients and candidates.

The prices are very competitive which has made using their e-portfolio system financially viable. The use of e-portfolios is definitely more productive and efficient for both the candidate and training provider. We would really struggle to revert back to paper portfolios after having used the e-platform which we highly recommend.

I am sure there are a number of other fantastic additional aspects to Skills Forward and we look forward to enhancing our use of the platform as we bring more and more candidates forward Super service and helpful team."

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